eHealthApp’s Management Team

Ken Gibson  |  Founder and President  |     

Ken has spent over 25 years building enterprise applications for companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Micron Technology, and Merrill Lynch. Ken founded consulting company, DDBC, in 1997, working with clients primarily in the financial industry, followed by the founding of eHealthApp in 2005.



Jennie Williams   |  Operations Director  |     

Jennie joined eHealthApp in 2014. In addition to providing support and training for eHealthApp customers, Jennie enjoys playing a key role in deploying software enhancements, serving as business analyst and software development apprentice. She also oversees business operations for both eHealthApp and DDBC.



Lindsay Op de Coul   |  Sales Director  |     

Lindsay joined eHealthApp in January 2020.  Prior to working with eHealthApp, Lindsay managed operations, customer service, conferences and marketing events at a company out of Silicon Valley.  While there, she also got her start in sales.