ArizonaBenefitPlans and eHealthApp

Arizona Benefit Plans‘ Mission:

Through excellence, innovation, and commitment to their carrier partners, Arizona Benefit Plans strives to form mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with their agents, brokers and consultants.

Arizona Benefit Plans provides agents, brokers, consultants and their clients with outstanding risk analysis, consultation and insurance brokerage services by constantly striving to offer a financially stable portfolio of products from the very best carriers. Each client will be involved with their staff of tenured and knowledgeable marketing and service professionals.

eHealthApp is pleased to partner with Arizona Benefit Plans to provide eHealthApp’s secure, complete and comprehensive medical applications with health questionnaires for every group. In addition, eHealthApp’s custom Smart Forms technology offers each and every Employer Group flexibility with enrollment choices. Brokers will appreciate offering groups the latest hi-tech solutions through Arizona Benefit Plans. Please visit Arizona Benefit Plans’ website for details.

For more information on the partnership between Arizona Benefit Plans and eHealthApp, please email us at